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First People:: Native American Videos

Native American videos on life and spirituality.

Turn off the cellphone, unplug the landline and TV. Grab some drinks and snacks, sit back and enjoy some wonderful, touching videos. You may want some tissues handy as some of these videos touch you deep inside.



Buffalo Boy


Two videos about what to look out for in Southwestern Jewelry

Sacred Spirit - putting the record straight

The first album, 'Chants and Dances of the Native Americans', is a musical project by Claus Zundel, Ralf Hamm and Markus Staab. Zundel adopted the pseudonym 'The Fearsome Brave' and later to, 'The Brave'

The song "The Counterclockwise Circle Dance" was presented as a Native American chant. However the main vocals are an authentic Sami yoik ("Normo Jovnna" by Terje Tretnes), recorded in 1994 by Dutch Channel 4 during an interview as an example of a yoik.

An interesting video from 'Daybreak Warrior' who attempts to de-mystify the Navajo language. This video gives the meaning to the Navajo lyrics in the song "Yeha Noha (Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity)" by Sacred Spirit.

The lyrics are actually the lyrics to a Navajo Shoe Game Song - Késhjéé' Sin - which is 'The Giant's Song'. It is a genuine traditional Navajo song (sung by Kee Chee Jake from Chinle, Arizona.) The song is compared to an unedited Shoe Game Song sung by the Klagetoh Singers.

Nizhoniangel's video about the sacred Navajo ceremony that tells and shows the story of how the cycle of Day and Night came to be. This game is only played in the winter months.

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