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Windsong (A Wolves Song)

We were here to stay
to roam wild and free
like it was suppose to be
but now what was once many here
is now only but a few
in your heart I showed you fear
because of your hate
you showed for me
it was all you came to knew

We were children of Mother Earth
like the Eagle and Buffalo
we were sacred to this land
protectors of the night
forever free we would run
into the morning sun

Then you turned on me one day
with eyes so blind
you lost your way
and forgot what you should see
you had to have complete control
and choose our fate
now times are turned around
for me is it too late

You deserted me and my kind
and killed with our blood in your hand
said you had every right
even when you knew it was wrong
you still hunted me down
for your pleasure and fun

Though we never done you harm or grieve
you still hide behind your lies and belief
and take our young at birth
for a bounty you take my life away
say we don't belong here anymore

But remember when we are all gone
the silence of a Windsong
you will hear no more
we will be but only a memory
a Spirit now forever free

© 2010 Spiritwind

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