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White Wolf

She was the one and only indian girl
all that was left in her tribe
she gave so much in her world
a love you couldn't describe
all were left for dead
except this one who said.

Now my heart is like a White Wolf
that forever roams
different from the rest
that wander and can't see
all that use to be

They burned down all our homes
tortured and abused
she walked around confused
white man lies, we were used

She stood on top of a crest
wounds upon her chest
said this world is too far gone
like the White Wolf I go on alone

My heart turned into stone
tormented by their touch
they did just a little too much
this world now my crutch

She said I'm just a White Wolf here
no more will I walk in fear
they may have tried to break my spirit
still my soul is free
no longer will I fret
my will, will be done

© 2009 Spiritwind

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