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Rosette Necklaces.

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White Man Come

White man come, nothing the same
Buffalo all gone, no more game.
White man come, death and slaughter
Murdered the Tribes, raped our daughters.
White man come, bring bullets and guns
Killed my wife, killed my sons.
White man come, lands all lost
Treaties got signed, to our cost.
White man come, moved to reservation
No more food, death from starvation.
White man come, bring great despair
Called me savage, cut my hair.
White man come, sent to school
Learned new language, called me fool.
White man come, dams were built
Fish all dead, killed by silt.
White man come, all is polluted
Uranium found, our rights refuted.
White man come, all is lost.
White man come, count the cost.

© Ray Is na wi chah

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