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What is Life

While the southwest bled
rocky mountains trembled,
the sound of a falcon rising
through the wind alone.
The sound of a wolf howling as
he sang his harrowing song

What has life given to them.

A bear out of hibernation hungry
In despair as food is sparse no
one really cares.
Birds use to chirp their merrier
song only to be shot and put on a hook.

What has life given to them.

Coyote, fox, puma to so
desperate to live but they kill
them to, is life such a burden
for them to live why make
trophies out of them.

What has life given to them.

As animals have a right to live
what do you do to correct all
this, animals like humans each
colour each race has a right to live,
so "Why" do we all kill!
protect them instead.

What has life given instead.

© Maxine Hyde

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