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We All Bleed Red

We all bleed red
white folks say
cleverly when they've something beneficial to gain
to make you think "we're all in this boat together"
to make you believe: "we're all the same".

But make no mistake
They quickly sway their views
When a new political platform
is on the horizon
Or, they've something to gain

Just look at the children and people
at the southern U.S. Border held in cages
justifiably so, no mention of the plaque
a'foot the Statue Of Liberty, but
with a retort: "We'll soon be as poor as they are
if we let in all the hungry, starving
impoverished of the world".

This land is our land,
I heard it in a song
by Woodie Guthrie
And sure, "we all bleed red"
you can say
'til there's something extra to be gained
from being different
Until we can separate each other by race
nationality, creed, tribe or hate.

The Twin Towers fall due to Muslim aggressions
Then, no more are Latinos our kinfolk
thought of...,
No more do we all bleed red.

No more are they fellow Christians
but MS-13, rapists, murderers and villains
Often it is said,
due to aggressions of another
we vilify them all, say bad things about them
think the worst of them

"Give me your tired, your huddled masses
yearning to be free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore
Send these, the homeless,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"*1

No longer do these words echo as in the past
but to those in fenced in cages
We, America's red children knew it wouldn't last
Especially not for our own cousins,
aunts, brothers, sisters and uncles
found asking asylum here, your southern outcasts

The time is now to make a change for the better
That "We The People", may truly mean "All The People".*2
Not just white, red, yellow and black, but arab too
A change for the better that we may learn to live together
With love and compassion in our hearts for one another
Just as Yeshua taught, not the Doctrine Of Discovery,
Mass Incarceration or Manifest Destiny

We all bleed red
so I heard on the web
But haven't heard once
from Donald J. Trump's twitter account

Afraid to go to work, afraid of a raid
afraid of deportation; afraid to take a drink
Oh the hate invoked by fellow politicians,
I hear it in the news, who say:
"Let's see how difficult we can make life for them now";
Trying to expel the latino from our masses
Deport them to undesirable territories

Same as yesteryear with the original peoples
of these northern tierras
"You're not welcome" and we want them out our sight.
"Now swim back, or better yet, drown".
The only good Indian is a dead Indian,
Colonel Chivington did say. Sound familiar?
Truly, I don't see how America's So Great Again.

Donald J. Trump, who has done a lot for this country
to make it better, I often hear it in the news,
to invoke fear & anger for our latino community
and make many irrate and outright hate one another
Excuse me, but I can't see it
How America's Now Great Again
Will you please with me take this stand?

"The earth was made without lines of demarcation,
and it is no man's right to divide it",
Chief Joseph, (Nez Perce) did say, and
No one is illegal on these foreign lands
all stolen originally by the whiteman
who now claims owns it all
from the Red Wood Forests of California
to the Neuse River flowing to the Ocean through Carolina Pines

Sure, we all bleed red
I hear it in the news
Only when it's beneficial to you
Who claim this land is my land, yours and ours,
but not for our nearest neighbors,
Latinos indigenous to these tierras, too

So just that you remember
And are not made a fool
Keep in your heart, soul and mind
Respect that even snakes
venomous and constrictor
they bleed red too

© 2020 David Lee Yellowmoon Rose. All rights reserved

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  • 1. From plaque at feet of Statue Of Liberty, New York, NY
  • 2. From MarkCharles's Navajo Independent 2020 Presidential Platform (Website Expired)

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