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Trails of Tears

The Trails of Great Cries
aka the Trail of Tears
Stifled but did not extinguish
The joyful peaceful years

The beauty of the natural environment
Sounds and smells of fresh water and animal life
Has survived the test of time
Even the invaders with their deceptive lies

Forced from native homelands
Beloved, cherished, embraced
Due to intrusions and ulterior motive
Forced to hide in caves, assimilate, or relocate

Some crossed over in death
From exhaustion along the way
Some from sickness and disease
Some from pure heartache

The beauty of it all
Is that they kept the Faith
The Creator consoled and strengthened
Every step of the way

Decendants of those who didn't leave
Continue on the native land
The U.S. Feds can swoop in at any time
And take it back away again

© Keesha M. Brown

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