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Written in memory of the forced relocation of the Cherokee (and other Native American tribes) from the South Eastern United States as part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

The Trail of Tears

I once met a man from beyond the Plains
Much further than God would see
He came from the land to the East of the Sea
From the home of the A ni a wi...

'Meeting Place' he said to me
When asked from where he came
"This is the name, of the land that you see
This is my Tan-as-qui."

Where waters twist and hearts diverge
And the Creek and Catawba be,
Where bison roam and panthers leap
in the shade of the honey-thorn tree...

Where son of land and slave of man
Is torn from his home and keep
Where mother and child and Civilized Men
Pay heed to the Reveille

This is the land of Tan-as-qui
Witness to great travail
Where the Chickasaw, Choctaw and Cherokee 
Lend name to the wandering trail..

© Copyright 2016. Osman Khan. All rights reserved

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