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The First American

I'm a wearer of feathers,
I'm a rider of the plains.
I'm a painted warrior,
And I dance to the war drum.
I'm Geronimo on his horse,
I am Red Cloud at the buffalo run,
I'm one who died at Wounded Knee.
I am Indian.

I'm the hot wind of the desert,
I'm the dark soil of the plains.
I'm the mountains and the canyons,
I'm the dew and gentle rains.
I am the rocks, I am the trees,
I'm the rivers and the lakes.
I'm the spirit of this great land.
I am Indian.

I'm the child of the Creator,
I'm forged in the furnace of the stars.
I'm Sioux, Apache and Cheyenne,
I'm Cree, Kiowa, Shoshone and Huron.
I am Blackfoot, Navajo, Cherokee and Crow,
I am the keeper of this sacred land.
And for ten thousand years
I've been the First American.

© Ray Is na wi chah

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