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Tears From The Past

Tears fall for what once was, and pride prevails for what will come to be. We owe it to our selves, our children and those that went before us to enlighten the world in the ways of our people. For we are the gatekeepers of our past and the pathways of our tomorrows. We are not a myth, and solitude will not be our friend. No where on this earth is there a place such as this. We stand no more in the shadows of any man. But come forth into the light, proud of whom we are. Honored by our ancestors, the blood they spilled and the tears they cried for this land. Let us join as One Nation, strong and full of rock medicine. As the seasons of our life go forth, so shall our spirits forever remain. Someday, the world will know that we, The American Indian Nation Stood before them.

© Copyright 1999 by HairDark aka Katherine Raborn. All rights reserved

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