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Soy Cristíano

I am a Christian, but I am native. I defend my people and land both sides of the borders. I am also part white too. Does that make me bad? I believe in Wakan-Tanka, The Great Mystery, Mysterious Great or Wakanda (Osage) 4 The Creator & Ruler Of All, "JC" as many white folk know Him, Granfather; for don't you know they're the same? God works in mysterious ways. Lord knows, I know it's true. God says: "Follow me". He never said: "Follow Christians". How could I ever follow Christians?; 'cause weren't there a few at The Washita, Sandcreek and Wounded Knee? Many a Christian vote keeps in power a president who cages our people at the border even today, who says: "You're not welcome. Return home. Now swim back", "They're rapists, murderers, MS-13 all; "we owe you nothing, not even compassion", even while they go to church on Sundays and gather with friends to support a man named "Trump". Christians, no..., Never will I follow.. Only Our Maker, The Great Spirit War & Peace Chief In The Sky, whom many call: "JC" wrapped in 3; He is the One for me.

A'ho & Amén

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