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Serenading A Forgotten Atmosphere

As I say where the world is without its soil
Broken dances of leaves filter down the back of my back like a dying tree
I am reminiscing about the herbs that ebb and flow in the vineyard of truth
I embrace many fruits, but I tend to get the wrong ones
 I miss all the chances that I can take to give someone my pot of joy
Pests seem to embody my gracious greenage and night is setting off sooner than expected
That serenaded with so many missed chances, hitting off the branches
The garden without its growth, unable to turn from the weeds that despair the garden
Out all the world into the eyes of a gardener with a shovel that will be unlevel the earth
and then I say that is a globe, I say that the world is the light, and the tool is chains
And that light is looming on my soul, are webs from the dismantled playground of forests
And when that light is looming, I cannot say two words without gasping due to toxic chemicals
Unspeakable words don't end with healing and a new generation
I cannot remember what revolves around my head with the knowledge of the forests
I cannot see behind the entrapments of one
called the mind and the broken pile of dirt called desire
I cannot talk about the world that looks at me in chapters of eyes
With my hands as unrooted seeds and the lies and stings upon the seed casing remains
The skies remain only valid once it rains and the attempts to bring my dead tree back to life are in vain with new medicine, and treatments, beating my soul in and out
Only to try repeatedly, to bring my pain down to the minimum to where it can skyrocket
And at the end of this life, taking out the root that was cancer, heartache, or plain misfortune
All I say to you is to see a firework that blows right at the top of the temple
Then act like the life you chose compared to celestial fields of inner harmony.
Arrogance is better than traveling with you amongst long dreary stars

© Noah Humphrey/Knowa Know

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