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Rebirth of a Legend

It was months prior to my birth
as I was preparing to enter onto this earth.
Mother & Father went to park for a stroll
a great legend who died there was waiting for a soul.
Truth be known, it was not his will
to be laid to rest in Oklahoma at Fort Sill.
A picket fence surrounded it with his name on the tomb
thereafter a child became restless in her womb.
Was there an unborn he would make a selection
one matter that could be a connection.

Father was a paratrooper, a warrior of the skies.
The drop zone was a warpath as fire consumed his eyes.
In the might of the Airborne, the reason why it became
when he jumped out into action, he hollered this legend's name.

He rode the wind and thunder with Geronimo.
The eagles screamed to put them under when they rained down on the foe.
The greatest of war chiefs held and died where he did not call home.
Did his spirit choose a heart in belief so his legacy would roam.

The Mountains of Arizona birthed and raised the true might
until outsiders that brought anguish and greed gave him reason to fight.
Renegade he was called, though no armies could apprehend him
as suffering to the Apache continued, the more he would strengthen.
As he was being cornered by U.S. cavalries pursuing his hunt
he leaped from a 300 foot cliff with a river below and survived the jump.
He always spoke his heart against the desecration
with other warriors who lost much were placed on a reservation.
Did he keep a vow, had he sworn
a time where he lay his energy would enter an unborn.

So when the Great Spirit is to call and my time on earth is done
a wish I seek of the Highest is to be where I begun.
Lift my spirit by the one whose nature was resembled
as his will never weakened and caused the unjust to tremble.

To ride along the wind and thunder with Geronimo.
We'd glide upon the many paths of the sunbird and dive down with its flow.
In the blood of tribal sisters and brothers what they hear from the storms blow.
He is he wind and thunder. "Geronimo!"

© 1999 Robert A. Yow

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