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Protectors Of The Earth

(a Donald J. Trump, DAPL, Keystone XL inspired poem)

I didn't grow up in no city. I knew no streets as a boy. I grew up in the woods. When I was a boy the forest was home, her children were brothers, I wasn't alone. The fox, deer, bear and bobcat were neighbors. I had no need to fear.

Now pavement and concrete scorch the earth, stars blocked by nightlights, cars rumble in ears. A plane overhead, another fox on the highway lays silent - still; his tracks through snow no more tread. The deer, though many remain are called a nuisance in backyard suburbs; "they eat my shrubs", my mother complains. Where are the bear and the bobcat? Well, they've now been long gone, or dead.

And who is to blame and where is the cause, a city still searching, still expanding for that unknown destiny that knows no bounds. A city is growing, my steps pause to remember a time not too long ago when there was less european civilization, less people, more laws of the land, of love and man; a time when the earth was respected as a mother and her children were brothers. Well, when was that?; a time when an ndn knew nothing of your laws, nor of the diseases intertwined in your greatest civilization that you now speak of so highly; "now that your laws are our laws" and we too are no better off than you, "for we are you", so you say.

Or do we remain? Shouts from the school yards separate us still: "You're not welcome, Go home, It's an invasion, Now swim back"; and the persistent old - yet still new: "Speak English, Speak English", a white invader caws. To whom, but the forever lone NDN who now knows no homeland, has been told that he's a foreigner here and that this is the land of the green and blue eyed's and with those who've blonde-red hair.

Eight to 30 million undocumented immigrants to be sent back home the editorial reads, many natives aboriginal to the americas amongst them, how can that be truly missed? Plastic & water jugs litter the Texas-Mexico plain where recent escapees of latin america pobreza have passed with border patrol agents fast on their trek. President Trump focuses on illegals and the border wall, his plan - it's all in the news. And where will we tell of the "liberty bell", "the statue of liberty" or "those in jail", desiring freedom the only way possible to come 'without visas or greencards', without papers, to live under the flag red, white and blue? To escape la pobreza, their only crime. "Go home & Come Back Legally", many will say; ever heard of Reagan's "El Mozote Massacre"?; "Go home & Come Back Legally", many say, not knowing that ignorance is bliss of wrongdoings caused by us, scorned to return to undesirable territories, where they can find only, warfare, hardship, anguish, hunger, poverty and pain, return to undesirable territories, the badlands if not reservations in our midst.

"It's all done legally", you can say, but it's still going on here today. The government now wants lands of the Lakota Sioux, then all of Alaska, not just DAPL, but Keystone XL too.

"What a big lie world we live in", the crow overhead caws. You see, you see how they've treated the true owners of this land and how they treat the land itself. Remaining forests are wiped out due to cities, farmlands and barren grass lands ever expanding to make room another office building, another road or shopping center soon to be here and oil, let's not forget the oil. There is a certain science to it now as woodlands disappear. Trees ripped apart by the whiteman's savage blade. I witness around me as forests topple, the bark of trees ripped apart at the trunk, ripped off as fingernails from it's base. It's done methodically, neatly, savagely, quickly, "painfully" if you're a naturalist like me, with their big machinery, axe and steel jagged blade. To see the trees ripped apart, and to smell the red earth slit open as if it is the womb of an expectant mother saddens me. I feel as though I am witnessing the last great extinction wiped out by the whiteman as were the buffalo not too long ago. "

This river stream need not be", business suits persuade with logging trucks soon on the way, "these fish, turtles, osprey, raccoon need not exist", "or have some place else to go". We'll be likened to our dinosaur predecessors if this goes on. We'll forget who we are and forget times of old, forget how things used to be and how things ought to be still. What voices of long ago will sing for this new destruction?? Hopefully the "warriors of the rainbow" will make a new effort to battle the horizon of endless encroaching concrete, high-rise buildings, asphalt pavement and encroaching steel.

We are not immigrants. We are protectors of the earth. When we see our timber cut, waters polluted, native fauna overwhelmed with foreign species, whites everywhere saying: "this is our land", while at the same moment telling our southernmost brothers: "You're not welcome", "We don't want you here"; "We came legally"; "We don't want redmen regain foothold here". Our hearts feel like bursting. What more can I say, but to write in dismay, a poem forlorn in america's historic page?

© David Lee Yellowmoon Rose

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