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Prayer To The Great Spirit

Great Spirit hear my call
and teach me of these things
I do not know
let me walk free with the wolf clan
so I may learn their wisdom
through the eyes of our sacred
of your creation

Give me strength to protect and preserve
what we have left of our Mother Earth
make me wise to teach others to follow
the path meant for us to take
by your grace
in this world now out of place
from our human race

I am only but one man
but guide me to help save
what we have taken away
with our ignorance and destruction
bring peace and harmony back again
for many generations to come
to end this misery of pain
so our children will live a life they deserve

Let me bring light into the hearts
of the shallow
and show them the ways of long ago
to walk in footprints of my ancestors
that for many years have softly tread
on the beauty of this precious land

Let these river's run wide and freely flow
with the presence of every touch by your hand
bring back what was for so long dead
let this sun shine on this sacred ground
that is covered in blood flowing red
with our hate and greed

Heal these wounds I bleed
make me a warrior a chosen one
to forever stand proud and tall
when times are hard and tears fall
from what we have done

Show me the way when my people forget
our true purpose and meaning here
so that I may bring better days tomorrow
of yesterdays forever gone
in these times of sorrow
one day we will all soon regret

Let me not walk in fear
in this moment of need
as I ask of your guidance on my vision
and my journey
you had given to me

© 2010 Spiritwind

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