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Pale and Small

She stood pale and small
Against the night sky
Silently watching behind the full skirts of her Grandmother.
She stood observing all the magic and metamorphosis she could dream of.
"The drum is like a heartbeat,
Heartbeat of the people"
She hears Grandmother telling her.
She watches
As the men become eagles
Take flight.
She sees hunters stalking
Carefully looks on
As even the grasses merrily dance.
Her heart thumps excitedly as Grandmother grabs shawl,
Heads into the circle.
Slows and turns saying, "you coming?"
She danced small and pale against the night sky
Making big circles, hand in hand.
Feeling each beat of the drum
Resonating and vibrating deep,
Down into her tiny bones.
She wondered how long a beautiful moment might last.
She wanted to dance right into tomorrow.
Dance right into next week.
Right into forever.

© Melissa Fry Beasley

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Melissa Fry Bealsey is a Cherokee Poet, Writer, Advocate, and Activist from Oklahoma. She is proud to have red dirt running through her veins. You can find her work in print and online. Visit Melissa's site, The Bee's Knees

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