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Our Drums Will Forever Sound

I once walked on this land
Living at peace with all that lived
We were simple people
Trusting our mother to supply all
Grandfather to give our knowledge
Never expecting the evil of man
Wanting to own what has always been
"The heart beneath our feet"
Destroying the great buffalo
Driving us from our land
Yet we still tried to make peace
They killed us in great numbers
So we fought back
When they won a battle it was a victory
When we won it was a massacre
Our blood would forever stain this land
Wounded knee, Trail of Tears, Sand Creek, Battle at Bear River, Ywahoo Falls, The Children of Moonbow Falls.
Only a few, many more to remember
Great Spirit carries our loss
The wind carries our song
Our drums will forever sound
On these lands I once called home.

© 2015 Roy Acosta

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