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O Si Yo, Hello

I am of the womb of the Earth
And from the womb of my Mother
My people came out of the cradle of life
Going North and West, crossing the big water
And making homes on a "new land"

My people were always here, always N D N
This was my home, this is my home
As long as the wind blows through the valley
And over the mountains, as long as the grass
Grows upon the prairie and the moss upon the Oak

As long as the whippoorwill calls
And the night Owl whoooos
I am a part of you, you are a part of me
I welcome you, WA DO
Thank you, for sharing this dream of words

As far as North is from South
As far as East is from West
I sing this song to the family of humankind
Pilamaya Yelo, you have pleased me
Wopila Tanka, many thanks...

© Granville Holt

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