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New Territories To Scout

Where is the man who answered math questions daily
Of two sons, taught to hunt and fish, Walk silent thru timber woodland forests of Raleigh,
And make bird calls; Played guitar, sang..., knew carpentry too
whose mother was a math teacher, father a simple farmer, where has he gone????

my niece in highschool now with puzzles of geometry and trig
where is he with his algorithms and angles,
engineer & accounting degree concepts of math and special ed tutoring????
to the stars, new territories to scout, hunt and fish

Where is he that man I called dad??, who loved his toys to his last breathless day:
4-wheel drives, bass boats, a bright red wagon to pull, of car & woodworkin' tools
Where has he gone???? ... ... ...
Who loved impress with exotic foods his daughter-n-law: squirrel -n- deer & copperhead too,
and she with him: iguana, armadillo & nopal cactus root.

He who believed in Christ & that a new day would come
To the stars, new territories to scout, hunt, fish and roam
Of tackle and rods, pistols and guns, carpentry too????
Who played guitar, sang, and gave birth to two sons

New rivers and lakes to fish trout, bass, even crappie & catfish too, new fields to hunt dove, quail, deer, squirrel & rabbit, whew !!!!
Where are his answers for my niece puzzle riddled with highschool algebra & trig????

Gone to the stars, his lips grown silent who sang and picked guitar true
Who loved see children grow, hunt, fish, swim & ski,
walk silent thru timber woodland forests of Raleigh the same
Whose heart rejuvenated at the birth of a grandaughter a'new
He who loved good food, Texas Roadhouse, The Longhorn Steakhouse, pizza & chicken bar-b-q???

Now with math questions of geometry and trig
Where is the voice of the man I knew, dad????
Gone to the stars to walk among them,
An occasional revisit of this earth, his spirit thru clouds gently touch
New territories to scout, hunt, fish and roam..., to the stars, he knows much

No more are his algorithms, angles, engineer and accounting principles easily taught
A voice has grown silent, but memories still are strong
No simple answers for my niece, a granddaughter puzzled with geometry, algebra, trig & deep thought
Of his warm touch, strength and wisdom, our hearts saddened, sooo true deeply long we are heart wrought

But in the end it is 'he' who beat daughter-n-law with exotic foods to impress, even with her iguana, armadillo & nopal cactus root
For he now enjoys a most exquisite banquet of all with God Himself, so she confessed herself: 'with The Creator & Ruler Of All in Heaven above'

now we wait for the day we are reunited with him again.
A new day will come ... A new day will come.

© 2016 David Lee Yellowmoon Rose

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