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Native American Pride

Equa Adanvdo adanedi aya hia nvlinegvgv Yv uduladi nudale iga
(Great Spirit give me the strength I need another day)
nasgi Yv anasgvti adasehede anisoi
(so that I may guide others)

Nasquu gohi Yv adadvdodi vhnai nehi
(Also this I ask of you)
Equa Unitsi Elohino
(Great Mother Earth)

We walked in peace and harmony
warriors brave and strong
guided by the Great Spirit in the sky
respecting the ways of Mother Earth
this we taught our children at birth

We were all but one, like an Eagle, we were free
this was the way it would always be
with our wings spread, we would fly
this was our Native American Pride

Then white man came to take our land
said our way of life was wrong
and it didn't take them long
this is what they would decide

Still we didn't run and hide
we stood tall and made our stand
never to carry the white mans brand
this was our Native American Pride

For our own beliefs,so many died
the women and children cried
as one by one, all was lost
by the white mans cost

Said the color of their skin, made them right
but we didn't give in, without a fight
no matter how hard they tried
they couldn't break our Native American Pride

© 2010 Spiritwind

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