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Mother Earth

When walking through the woods, near a creek behind my house
I heard a Woman's weeping, so turned and looked about
But I saw not a single soul, not here, nor over there
And dismissed it as the wind's whisper in my ear

Then it struck me..., that I was..., as Thunder Rolled above
A standin' in the presence of a Woman and her young
Her brown eyes filled with teardrops running down her cheeks
For the child who lay a dying, cuddled at her feet

Now a storm had come upon us, lightning struck the ground
This Woman knelt down on her knees to sing aloud this prayer
I remember her words to this hour of today
As she sang, "only you Lord..., with Earth and Sky endure

To you WAKANDA: I come to you in prayer
My children had a rough life, they never had it fair
So to you, CREATOR..., won't you hear my words:
Let my children join you in Heaven up there"

This child is the Indian, the woman the land
Her teardrops, the rain from the clouds up above
The thunder, the lightning, the death near around
Are the white men a tearing at the True Americans

When the clouds moved away and the sun shone again
This woman and her babe were no more to be found
I took this as a vision from Jesus, my Lord
For He'd given some hope now. Her prayer he had heard

Though thunder still rolls and lightning strikes the ground
If rain clouds are passin' by, listen and you may,
Hear a woman a weeping, raindrops a fallin'
And join in with her, for her children she does pray

© 1981 David Lee Yellowmoon Rose

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