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Make America Native Again

Forget "Making America Great Again", (as whites see it). Since 1927 white presidential candidates have been repeating that administrative message platform from the git 'go without much progress for the better for our people, or change. change...If you want to "make America great", Honor The Treaties.

Change is something we believe in that was Obama's Platform.

Change we can and have seen these past 500+,- years...

We have seen so much change, so much that we are now seen exotic in our own homelands and you, the true foreigners, the blue-green eyed's, and those with blonde-red hair, Europeans, are seen as "the most common and true americans", so-called: 'Natives', having been born here, and your ancestors back to the pilgrims with them.

So now-a-days, what are we to call ourselves but "Original Peoples Of The Americas"? "American Indians", "Native Americans" and "Natives" no longer will do; "these words no longer are good and valid for us", many will say, or do they apply still today? How twisted around, inside out, upside down things have become.., what's wrong is right.., what's right is wrong.., what's right is right.., and what's wrong is wrong.., who knows what's to come?

Natives truly native are held back, in back of the cocina, bodega or at the mall. Foreigners truly foreign say "who's to come" and "who's to stay", though their genes have never truly mixed with dust of these americas, if so, then they'd more readily and willingly defend our true brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles both sides of the borders in their desperate plight to make a better future amongst us in peace and tranquility for themselves here, true natives of this land.!.!.!.!. There'd be more love. Blood ancestry creates the connection. If it were not so, Moses would not have led his people out of Pharoah's Egypt, if he were not kin. Natives wouldn't still be held underthumb. There'd not be so much hate. There'd be more love, that ancestral bond. They wouldn't blame one for the actions of another, hold Latinoaméricanos accountable for the actions of Muslim aggressions.

They'd realize we are all brothers on Mother Earth, Turtle Island, and that no man is content when penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases. They'd realize The Great Spirit is everyone's Granfather and Earth, everyone's Mother. They'd know that money can be burned within the nod of a buffalo's head, but for as long as grass grows and winds blow this land will be here to give life to our peoples. They'd know we all now, most of us have read that little black book brought to our shores in 1492 of which you much debate, and teach us to quarrel about religion and God, something that before you came, we'd never known. We may have quarreled about things of man in this world, but we never argued about The Great Spirit.

Original Peoples Of The Americas wouldn't be called "wetbacks", "illegals", told to go home when they are home, for this is after all, "America", Land Of The Free. We're not in Europe or Africa you see. You wouldn't say: "Now swim back", when after all, "Who got wetter, we.. who may have crossed a few rivers, or you from far across the seas"?. Yes, you.. Europeans with your African slaves.

Latin American Cousins are our brothers and sisters. We freaking look alike. What do you expect? Mine eyes don't lie, with their pomulos altos (high cheekbones), dark black hair and ojos chinos (Chinese looking eyes). What do you have to gain?; now that you tell me "they're not native, but from Spain". Now that you tell me "You're more Native than they", since you were born here, in the North and your great great granpappy was Tsalagi, Pima, Acoma or Taos, just a few to name. Why play the whiteman's game?

Love in the heart is all we plea. Now who is the great deceiver? How absurd? What does it matter, America... North, Central, South, ... Americans all the same? I say.., Make America 'Native Again'.!.!.!.!. let the prophecies "Eagle And Condor" and "White Buffalo Prophecy" come true. Let there be peace, love, compassion and tranquility, and let truth be known. Live your Christian Love the way it was meant to be lived. Actions speak louder than words...

Read "The Grand Council Fire Speech Of American Indians", December 1, 1927 to the Mayor Of Chicago.

We totally adhere with that. Trump's Border Wall, more scars upon the land, only tempt offend me. "The land was made without lines of demarcation and it is no man's business to divide it", words you should hear, spoken by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Band.

I say, Make America 'Native Again'.!.!.!.!

© David Lee Yellowmoon Rose

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