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Life Givers

Little one, walking the path of memories,
of those who gave back to our Mother Earth.
You never knew your honorable ancestors,
they crossed over long before your birth.

Sadden small Indian, as you journey on,
be still, listen for the host in the sky.
Tell you of the stories of whom you are,
and why it is your people then did die.

You see they were our life givers,
courageous spirits wanted you set free.
Allowing you to stay in your homeland,
not to pass rivers beyond the cedar tree.

Do not be afraid child of the old ones,
never have the Warriors left this land.
Though in silence of night you feel alone.
take comfort in their presence, understand.

Many sacrifices had to be offered up,
Tsali did not want you to leave behind.
The way of life that they had fought for,
nor the right to live like any mankind.

Know that they are a part of you,
when you feel lost and full of fears.
Remember to look 'Unto These Hills',
where the life givers spilled their tears.

© Copyright 08/07/2001 by HairDark aka Katherine Raborn. All rights reserved

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