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Indian Pride

Grandfather he did speak to me,
around the sacred fires peacefully.
Of Mother Earth, all she brought forth,
our people traveled south, west and north.
A way of life now lost and since gone,
because boundaries of land were re-drawn.
The many moons of which we count seven,
still blaze the skies of what we call heaven.
The seasons of life have remained the same,
teachings are different, they have other names.
Through our stories hand down generations,
we learned of our ancestors and many relations.
That Nations are Nations and Tribes are Tribes,
what lies most in our hearts is the Indian Pride.
We fought in all of the wars like so many others,
hand to hand combat beside our brave brothers.
Code Talkers we were our language on radio's sent,
enemies could not understand the translation it meant.
It was the love of our spirit that lay in our soul,
courage to help our great country become whole.
For all of us from one Sky Father we are born,
to walk Mother Earth till our time here is worn.

© Copyright 02/09/2001 by HairDark aka Katherine Raborn. All rights reserved

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