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Indian Cry

The stars that held our sparkle
Have been consumed in twilight.
Our songs echoes have faded
Our bows and arrows outdated
For they are no match
Against their cold metal killing machines.
They've awoken our children from beautiful dreams
Stealing their innocence
You merciless thieves.
Set fire to our homes
Watched us burn alive
Their disease ridden "gifts"
Killing off our tribes.
Turned our pastures into sand.
Pissing on our land.
Marking territory that they've violently stolen.
But we are strong.
We will continue to dance
In the rain and the thunder.
We will continue to fight.
Though we are outnumbered.
And one day, we will forgive
Though our pain is flesh deep.
For one day,
What they've sowed
They shall certainly reap.

© Una Deme (Navajo, Apache, Lakota, and Oglala heritage.)

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