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I Saw A Dancing Star

I saw a dancing star yonder upon a white cloud
And hear the rhythm it dance'd to a soft chant in the wind
Come be with us, can't you see
Won't you be one of us children; won't you be one of us

The osprey dives for fish and hawks sing pristine tunes
Three owls in unison somber the mind at the moon's blue night edge
The river's still flowing though pollution has come
So-called progress creeps slowly encroaching,
this forest stream for a shopping center, or highway, or mall, soon will be gone

Storm drainage, oil flowing as the fish gently pass
trucks rumble, cars groaning, bikes zooming nearby
planes landing roar overhead

The ndn n me has not faded away
city sights, sounds, low rumble still pain me, mine ears and eyes,
concrete, tall buildings, nightlights blotting out stars, only the moon can be seen at dark's nightly edge

The ndn n me has not died-faded away
rap music too loud, city sights pain the eyes, music too loud reverbs on street corners and from cars with their wheels all a roar, planes rumble overhead, and now there is come to these streets of many names, the pan-handler's mournful cry, more money, more money, give a token to show you care for the hunger in the belly of the whiteman's imposed concern and societal views

but all is not lost here
sounds of nature are still alive,
thanks to God I still hear them, thank God I'm alive

cricket's violin leg playing, birds chirping, fox laughing
deer blowing at me, squirrels barking, rabbits crouching tear a tender twig
frogs arguments over a nearby pond, geese singing as they pass gently by
my wife's sweet laughter still close to my side
her songs like sunshine warm my heart and mind
my spirit refreshed now with nature's sweet glow

Another day's passing, tomorrow we don't know
A powwow, or fiesta, or festival will soon be here
Another day to enjoy and be thankful for what we have
Complaints here jumbled for all here to see last only as long as one's lungs can breathe and fade with the mornin', a new day to come, perhaps someone will hear and care enuf to change what's been muted and done

© David Lee Yellowmoon Rose

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