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I dream of running with mustangs
In endless fields on golden days
Tall grass fading to brown
Edge of autumn
Smell of long leaf pine and cedar
Juniper berries, sage
Hawks circling and diving

I dream of running with horses
Shimmering in the light of dusk
Breathing in and out
Seeing beauty all around me
Impressions imprinted
Without utterance
A silent question which has been answered

I dream of running with ponies
An unexplainable and incomprehensible longing
To swallow the stars
And drink in the milky way
The moon my only witness
Like birds alien and distant
Indifferent to the problems of people.

© Melissa Fry Beasley

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Melissa Fry Bealsey is a Cherokee Poet, Writer, Advocate, and Activist from Oklahoma. She is proud to have red dirt running through her veins. You can find her work in print and online. Visit Melissa's site, The Bee's Knees

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