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He Stands Alone

As guardian of the remaining domain,
he stands alone, this Warrior of the night.
Yet hosted by the abundance of spirits,
for so many Nations that stood to fight.

Watching out over the scattered land,
revealing in his visions for strength.
Like time worn pieces of a scared life,
merging in a pattern of paths at length.

Yielding to all his brothers to join him,
banding together in unity of great pride.
Walk the mighty Red Road together as one,
this is not the time for us to part and divide.

Complete in body, purification of the soul,
come now to this circle in which we are bound.
There are no differences among the Cloud People,
we are traveling upon this holy blessed ground.

And in the mighty winds that pass through,
listen for the Nations left here on Mother Earth.
Remember we came long before known history,
never forget your gifts given to you at birth.

Arapaho, Cherokee, Paiute, Sioux, Cree, Shawnee,
Comanche, Blackfoot, Siminoles, Shoshone, Cheyenne.
Chippewa, Apache, Chickasaw, Lakota, Nez Percé, Choctaw,
do not allow yourselves to separate and disband.

And if those voices could still be heard,
returning in the whispers of the pines that blow.
Perhaps we would have learned long back then,
the teachings of our hearts as these rivers flow.

He stands alone, this Warrior of the night,
though now encompassed within an Indian soiree.
This is strong rock medicine, it is a tradition,
it is singing waters, it is a chant, it is the way.

© Copyright 06/02/2001 by HairDark aka Katherine Raborn. All rights reserved

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