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God's Messengers

They are His deliverers, mighty winged emperors
that carry out His will and promise.
The very symbol of a great vast land,
which seeks God first unto His commands
for His powerful spirit is real upon us.

All is great they represent, a sign of hope and strength
throughout the pages of history.
Spirits heighten when they're sighted,
their shriek is an echo we stand united
as God lend the ages, there's been victory.

He sets them out on destinies and their quests are reached
for all he shares it is transferred.
There is no distance they cannot achieve
by Him a direct source His message is received
and how prayers are answered.

They guard this wide region with an unbroken allegiance
by the One Highest that keeps us strong.
Over mountains, waters and prairies,
all messages that are carried
tells no evil will defy us from His everlasting bond.

By the flaps of their wings are breezes they bring
as a sign faith will be restored.
By Him, they're accurate and swift,
to those who've lost He summons them to drift
above to behold the waves when they soar.

Anywhere they are, they will see afar
as He directs them to provide.
Throughout a journey they are destined,
the Great Spirit passes on a blessing
to serve, protect and guide.

No matter the season, He gives the best reason
as they proceed rule to do His honor.
There's a magnificent feeling always remembered,
when God sends his greatest messenger
the Bald Eagle is forever unconquered.

© Robert Yow 1998.

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