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Encased Feathers

Let me branch the birds surrounding the reservation of my soul with flight
Feathers of the bird that once used to be caged
Relented with
The overwhelming fear of desire
Of a box outside of its own beak
Awaiting for the ample feathers
To return like dust
that cannot contain the pain of the wings
and words of solitude gracefully and willfully
Packaged amongst the clouds
Forested in the evenings and resting like dew
Upon the glass case that is now a memory
And the bird cage that is now an afterthought
A bitter reminder of the failings of a treaty to allow all like it to fly
And bask in the light outside of its enforced fragile parameters
Let my feathers flock with the soul of flight
Lest I see the sky as an hourglass to my lineage

© Noah Humphrey/Knowa Know

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