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Eagle Feathers

My son,
It is time...
The Great Spirit
Has granted you
Many summers
To be as a child.
Time for you now
To fend for yourself,
To commune
In solitude and spirit,
With the Father of All
And with Mother Earth.

When I was young
Boys were raised
Not by their mothers,
But by their fathers
We had to be strong,
Self-reliant and proud.

But I, my son
Lived my life
With much fear,
Little patience
And no courage.
I was the dismay
Of my warrior father.

I talked long and hard
To Him who fathered us all,
I asked Him
Why was I so weak,
Without the strength
To be who I wanted to be,
Or who my father
Wanted me to be?

I asked for a sign
From the Spirit God.
Any sign,
Then I waited
As always - impatiently
For the answer.
I never experienced
A lessening of fear,
Nor gained more courage.

I cried out
In the dark of night
Oh! Creator of Life
Where is my sign?
I want it,
I needed it
The day before
This day.

How well I remember,
I walked high the ridge
That o'er looked the creek
That supplied the valley
With such sweet water.
Pleading with Him
To hear me
To answer.

I felt a certain peace
On my solitary journey,
And fallen between two rocks
Yet well in view,
I found two eagle feathers
Could they be my sign?

I picked them up
Gave thanks for them,
Then placed them
Within the animal pouch
At my side.
I then wended my way
Down the mountainside,
Back into the valley,
With new hope in my heart
And in my stride.

I sought the eagle
To follow by example.
I spent hours watching him
As he perched in a tree,
Never moving...
And so I learned patience.

He flew so high
That he might well have touched
The face of our Creator.
He flew fearlessly into the unknown
And came back unscathed.
He was without fear,
This regal bird, his calmness
Became me.

He was freedom,
Power, and Spiritual Energy,
I took him for my Spirit Guide
And from him, I have learned
Much about courage and vision.

I left my father
A boy with many uncertainties,
Yet I returned a brave
Who he was proud to call his son.
These feathers
Gave me strength and pride.
They symbolized
The end of my fears,
My impatience,
My lack of courage.

I give to you
For your journey
Into manhood,
My beloved son,
My eagle feathers.
You will find your own way,
Choose that which you follow
- wisely,
But know with these feathers
I am with you and for you
In every step you take.

My child,
My son,
It is time...
The Great Spirit
Has granted you
Many summers
To be as a child.
Time for you now
To fend for yourself,
To commune.
In solitude and spirit.
And believe...
As I believe in you.

© 2017 Dinah Serritelli

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