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Dream Catcher For The Seven Generations

Old man on the Great Plains,
Once a warrior now a child,
Toys with a willow hoop-
And the Great Teacher Iktomi,
Now the Spider Iktomi,
Approaches with a purpose
Under Heaven.

And he speaks, as a spider
Might speak who must teach us
About cycles and passings-
From the infant to the child,
To the adult, to the elder,
From the elder to the infant,
And beyond.

And he fills the willow circle
With his web, spinning words
About good things and bad-
How at each stage of life
There are right paths and wrong,
And a right choice, to follow
The Great Spirit.

With your face to the Creator
The web of life will capture
Your good dreams, alone-
And the evil ones that fall through
Can no longer hurt you.
For the children, make good use
Of your dreams.

© Copyright 2012 by Cary Kamarat. All rights reserved

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