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It's a Covid thing to which our eyes are glued
on television, the radio, the web,
no more political discussions at family gatherings
No more do we hear of children at the border in cages
On Fox and Fake News
But human suffering on a more massive scale
The whole world is involved
Not just in the states red, white and blue
Are we truly in the End-times?

The Wuhan Virus, Corona or Covid 19
Has extinguished many a life
I just can't breathe
Elderly take care
A man-made virus,
Can it be so?

Or, perhaps a man-altered virus
from The Creator's Grand Creation
still a blasphemy of His Greater Design
due to man and his ill begotten shame
Like distortion and pollution
upon the Word and the land
Now as we look around and see
what whiteman's done
to the waters, the sky, the oceans
and this earth

The Wuhan Virus, Corona or Covid 19
shuts down churches, schools, factories
our government locked down
jobs lost, economic recovery and health, key point

Minneapolis riots police brutality
knee on neck of George Floyd, life lost
Corona, Wuhan, this Covid 19
I submit, is like vengeance or racism
"I can't breathe" til there's justice
Something I care talk about with you

Who's fault are all these deaths?
This Covid 19, these riots, muslim aggressions, racism, hate
Who's fault are all these deaths?
Native genocide, black lives matter
and so do white's

all the two leggeds, four leggeds
eight leggeds and more
the winged ones, the finned ones
those that crawl, creep and move

Is there not something greater
than man's woes
at play here?
Since time began..
And the dinosaurs did roam
Plant against plant,
and insect too

To place the blame with human vengeance invoked
is to play the game
Of who pays these wrongs
"seek justice" we say
Is China to pay?
Or their Communist Regime?

What if I were to say
There is no justice where vengeance invokes
For did not the Lord, say "Vengeance is mine"
A note to ponder for you who seek justice
let not your noble cause be clouded
seeking vengeance
For then, no one wins but the evil within
Let vengeance be The Almighty's
That true evil may He smite
"Else, hate in your heart will consume you too",
Will Smith did say.

Be good to your fellow man;
white, red, yellow, black,
australian, pacific islander, jew and arab too
Be good to the little animals, the land,
walk in a good way, protector of all that is good;
"For life is sweet", I heard a Native elder say
Now that this Covid 19 is upon us
For a long time now
Many seem to lose their way

Produce of the ilumnati
and a one world government
where no one wins
Bill Gates, George Soros & many an elite blind
"pave the way for the Anti-Christ", some say
and the battle between right and wrong
good and evil
light and darkness
to come

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall inherit the earth
Before you know it, The Lord Is Upon Us
Breathing all around us
Every knee shall bow
And true justice long sought, will be knelt out
and done

Many Latinos say it,
Many Natives desire it
Many blacks, whites and Asians too
desire it,

Let us pray;
That the Lord Almighty
Our Creator, us watching over
May return one day soon
And deal out the death blow
To all this chaos, violence, pain, suffering
and death itself, so that
True justice long sought, will be knelt out
and come

© May 2020 David Lee Yellowmoon Rose. All rights reserved

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