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I once had a wise old indian
look at me and say
life is what you make of it son
and it just has yet begun
you can take it and make it
a peaceful world
or you can live it under the gun
but it only comes around once my friend
and it won't be here again
times of trouble we won't forget
but don't let it eat your soul
for you are Cherokee
be proud and let the pain go

Learn from our people what you can
let them show you the way
set your spirit free
and walk among our elders
the visions and the dreams
and follow the eagle you see fly
through the valley and streams
let him guide you and show you
oh, mighty warrior with a wolf's heart
and you will live another day
don't let it pass you by

Now i've grown to be a man
teaching the ways of the Cherokee
so much has yet to be done
we walked the trail of tears
still they couldn't make us run
their words kept us apart
as we struggled through the years
but we are Cherokee
mighty warriors of this land
we walk together hand to hand
and we'll be here till the end

© 2001 Spiritwind

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