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An American Powwow

In the heartbeat of the drum, where sinews bind the dancer to
the prayer, gratitude is a breath taken with every step, every leap that
shoots an arrow to the sun. In the cadence of the Trot and of the Snake and
Buffalo, the gathering in of Nations will embrace the tribes of Europe, and
Africa, and all of humankind bound to Mother Earth, this fertile world. In
the time between two harvests, given all we need, we come to understand our severed roots.

This is our pride and place, where no one,
nothing ever stands alone. Family walks the Earth and Sky for love of the
Creator's knowing touch, and faith can dwell in comfort with us now. Like
elkskin pressed to music, round the dreamer drum, like a love flute that
sings to a lionheart knife, to make good use of dreams in the web of life,
sinews bind the dancer to the prayer.

© Copyright 2012 by Cary Kamarat. All rights reserved

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