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Rosette Necklaces.

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A Warrior's Journey

I walk a path only few will tread
on a journey I shall not fear
like those who stood before me
a Warrior I will stand tall
for this has become my destiny

With each lesson I must learn
I will not let myself fall
but count my blessings in return
as I pray to the Heaven and hear
the cries of the ancient ones call
to protect all that is sacred

On this journey I shall not turn
for I know now it is here
that I am meant to be
to share truth and what is right
and not back down in this fight
to remain forever free

And on this red road laid out for me
I will not and refuse to stray
for in each and every passing day
I will keep my heart to the sky
and hold my head up high
for today is a good day to die

© 2013 Spiritwind

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