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Wolf Mugs

All proceeds of these Wolf Mugs goes towards the upkeep of these wonderful animals.

Any questions about these Wolf Mugs, please contact Monty Sloan at :

Wolf Park Dominance Mug.

Wolf Park Dominance Mug

A new mug for 2011!

This fun mug features typical wolf dominance behavior and captures all five current wolves of Wolf Park's Main Pack.

The two high ranking wolves, Wotan and Wolfgang are dominating the two lowest ranking pack members: Ruedi & Dharma. Meanwhile alpha female Kailani just runs around in the background.

Proceeds from these mugs will go towards helping the wolves.

Wolf Park Pack Mug.

Wolf Park Pack Mug

Created from one of Monty's wolf photos, this colorful mug features a wrap-around photo of the pack from 2008.

Wotan in lead is followed by Kailani, Tristan, Ruedi and Wolfgang.

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