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The Spirits of Nature

The Spirits of Nature is a story of a well established writer, Darcy Butler who is researching her family ancestry. Her search has led her to the Crow Indian tribe in Montana. There she meets an envisioned and somewhat colorful character by the name of Tiponi. He takes her on a mystical as well as a spiritual journey where Darcy learns of her native history and how it eventually affects her today. Darcy will discover a beautiful and nearly forgotten culture. She will visit the lives of a warrior and his aristocratic wife through the stories that Tiponi will tell her.

The Spirits of Nature is a story of how love can overcome prejudice, the fear of what we do not understand. It is told with respect and reverence to the Crow Indian culture. The Spirits of Nature will give the reader information that has yet to be tapped into by the media.

Half of the proceeds from the sale of The Spirits of Nature is donated to The Little Big Horn College on the Crow Indian Reservation. Dr. David Yarlott Jr. has set up a college scholorship fund with the proceeds.

The Spirits of Nature.

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