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Seed Bead Earrings

The seed bead earrings featured here are the result of combining hundreds of tiny glass beads, one at a time, into pieces of wearable art. The First People have been making and wearing seed bead earrings since the first traders showed them these glass treasures.

All of the earrings are handmade by our bead artist, Joni Stinson, an enrolled member of the Muscogee Creek Nation.

All purchases come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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All seed bead earrings are available in 4 different fittings, Clip-On, Lever-Back, Fish Hook, and .925 Sterling Silver Fish Hook. They can be custom made in color combinations other than those shown. Or perhaps you have a design idea and would like to have Joni bead it for you. In either instance, just e-mail me your request.

It Takes A Village.

"It Takes A Village" Seed Bead Earrings

A village of Tee Pees are represented in the top portion of these seed beaded earrings. The fringe represents the development of the people stemming from a solid base and going out into the world.

These earrings are made of size 11 seed beads, 9 cut seed beads and bugle beads.

They measure 1" wide at the widest point. The beaded portion of the earrings is 4.25" long. The surgical steel fish hook earwires add an additional 0.5". The brings the total drop of the earrings to 4.75".


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Junior Miss.

"Junior Miss" Seed Bead Earrings

These seed bead earrings were made just for the Junior Misses or those who prefer traditional earrings in a slightly shorter length.

They are handmade using peach, translucent, and pearly white seed beads. Teal blue bugle beads make the base and are added to the fringe. The fringe is finished with a 3mm silver tone bead.

The earrings are 0.5" wide. They measure 2.5" long. The surgical steel earwire and silver bead add 0.5". The total drop would be 3".


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Native Bride.

"Native Bride" Seed Bead Earrings

These beautiful earrings are fit for a Bride or members of the wedding party. They are handmade using #8 crystal seed beads woven in two concentric circles, around two simulated white pearl beads.

These simple but beautiful earrings are 0.5" wide. They measure 1.625" long. The surgical steel earwires add an additional 0.5". The total drop of the earring is 2.125".


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Patriotic Heart.

"Patriotic Heart" Seed Bead Earrings

These Native American seed beaded heart shaped earrings are just right for those who love patriotic themes. They are beaded in patriotic colors of red crystal beads, a field of matte blue beads and stripes white pearl seed beads.

The beaded portion of the earrings is 1.375" long. The gold-toned hypoallergenic ear wires add approximately 0.5" to the total drop. The earrings are 1.25" at the widest point.


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Seed Bead and Feather Hoop Earrings.

Seed Bead and Feather Hoop Earrings

These simple seed bead elliptical hoops and feather earrings are sure to bring you positive energy. They are made with size 6E seed beads and feature a feather charm suspended from the hoop.

At the widest point the earrings measure 0.875". The hoop is 1.75" long. The surgical steel ear wire adds an addition 0.5". Making the total drop of the earrings 2.25".


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Stylized Butterfly.

"Stylized Butterfly" Seed Bead Earrings

These earrings are woven in brick stitch using size 11 seed beads in navy blue, yellow, black and white. The base are black bugle beads.

A stylized butterfly design is worked into the fringe. It is created using the same seed beads as the upper portion.

The earrings are 0.75" wide and measure 3" long. The surgical steel earwires add an additional 0.5" giving the earrings a total drop of 3.5".


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Trails End.

"Trails End" Seed Bead Earrings

This is one of several styles of this famous Lonesome Warrior at the end of the trail. It is woven in brick stitch using a combination of both matte and translucent Delica seed beads. Colors include sky blue, brick red, pumpkin, squash, and black.

The fringe features both the same Delica seed beads and long black bugle beads.

At the widest point, the earring measures 1". The beadwork measures 3.25". The surgical steel earwires add an additional 0.5" making the total drop of the earring to 3.75".


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Turtle Shield.

"Turtle Shield" Seed Bead Earrings

These Turtle Shield earrings are woven in brick stitch with high quality opaque Delica seed beads. They feature a burnt orange border, and a green turtle sporting a diamond shield on his back. The fringe is made with complimentary colors also in Delica seed beads and yellow howlite chip stones.

At the widest point they are 1.625". The beaded portion of the earring measures 3.125". The surgical steel earwires add an additional 0.5" bringing the total drop to 3.625".

This design has been popular for both women and men.


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