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Shipping Policy

Orders are packed securely for safe travel and First Class or Priority Mail is used for items being shipped within the USA. Delivery confirmation is required on all items and included in the shipping price. If you prefer your items to be shipped by another method, please notify Barbara Shiningstar when ordering. Your shipping fee may need to be adjusted to accommodate your shipping request. All orders must be prepaid. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery when placing an order.

Please allow 10-14 days for domestic delivery when placing an order, and additional delivery time for international orders.

Shipping Chart USA*

Order Amount Shipping Charge:
Up to $3000.00 $7.99

Shipping Chart International*

Order Amount Shipping Charge:
Up to $3000.00 $24.50

*All shipping costs are estimated. Mesa Farm/Barbara Shiningstar reserves the right to adjust shipping charges as necessary.

Repairs Policy

If, under normal use, you find that a repair is needed on any of my handmade products within 30 days of purchase, I will repair your item with no labor charge. You will be responsible for the cost of any required replacement parts and for shipping and handling costs both ways.

If you require repairs after 30 days of purchase, there will be labor costs involved as well as the cost of replacement parts and shipping and handling both ways. Contact Mesa Farm before shipping any item for repair.

Returns Policy

If you are not happy with your purchase you may return it for a refund, minus actual shipping costs and fees, within 5 working days. Items cannot be returned for refund if damaged. Customer pays shipping and handling costs on returns and insurance may be required. Contact Barbara Shiningstar before returning any item.

Your Privacy:

We respect your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information regarding our customers.

Sales Tax:

Mesa Farm/Barbara Shiningstar collects the mandatory 5.5% Maine state sales tax on all orders shipped to the state of Maine.

Barbara Shiningstar - Bio

Barbara Shiningstar, who is of Mi'kmaq and French Canadian heritage, has been making jewelry her whole life. She learned to love beading by watching her grandmother bead. This gave her the interest and incentive to learn beading as a young girl and later she learned other jewelry making techniques.

Barbara enjoys making jewelry, crafts and gifts from natural animal products, especially the bones, claws and teeth. She obtains her animal products from animals that have passed from this earth. By using the animal's body parts to create beautiful jewelry, the animal's Manitou is perpetuated.

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