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Chiefs of Nations : The Cherokee Nation 1730 to 1839

The only accurate portrayal of the Cherokee Nation. A tell all expository with uncensored quotes from the Federal records.

The embodiment of the researched materials and the conclusive evidence they provide, serve as the single most important factor, for this book. Chronologically summarized, and organized into comprehensible literature: this book illuminates an abundance of new discoveries, within the annals of the Cherokee Nation.

With over 7 years of researching and writing... in its final formation, there are over 400 pages of stimulating reading; including 450 transcribed cites, from the official records. This includes the Treaties, interspersed with the factual accounts.

When placed in their dated sequence, these cited source materials, serve as components, to shed light on new historical accounts and without question, invalidate often superficial, traditional accounts, from previous publications; of which, many of these accountsare not supported by legitimate sources and are merely a subterfuge.

Importantly, without the support of first-class documentation, utilized in this manner, IE. the Colonial Records, National Archives Records, Office of Indian Affairs, Records of the Cherokee Indian Agency, The American State Papers of Indian Affairs; Public land records, and above all, the Treaties with the United States of America - the old publications concerning the history of the Cherokee Nation, have failed to tell the story, in an accurate and truthful manner. This book however, accomplishes this.

Chiefs Of Nations The Cherokee Nation.

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