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Canine Behavior : A Photo Illustrated Handbook

All proceeds goes towards helping the wolves.

Canine Behavior : A Photo Illustrated Handbook.

  • By Barbara Handelman, M.ed, CDBC
  • Wolf Photography by Monty Sloan

This large 8.5" x 11" format paperback book is an illustrated compilation of over 1000 Black and White, and a few color, canine photos detailing and comparing behavioral motor patterns of dogs and wolves. It is the most extensive and comprehensive visual book on dog ethology available, but it is written in a fun and easy to read writing style. This book is a must for all dog owners, trainers, animal enthusiasts and libraries.

List price for this book is $49.95, but due to Monty's close connection with the book, we are able to sell it for only $29.95! That's cheaper than Amazon!

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