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The Thunder Circle Dream

This dream is from October 2, 2007

Broken was the fence forming a square
By reptilian creatures of nightmare
Skulking in the nightwebs of the grass
Shadows shards of shattered moonlight glass

Whose consuming creeping destroyed that space
Wilting all my chances there for peace.
I set out on a road of umbral branches
Incising blackness from primeval gulches

Rising backbone of the dream's landscape
Rolling on the edge of sight and shape.
he road&'s thin thread wound out and on
To the country where twilight joins dawn.

Set off beyond a hidden grove a manor,
Subdued Victorian, and there by the door
A white clad female with her hair a bun
About her shoulders hung a shawl homespun.

She called for me to come pass through the building,
Suspicious, I watched for clues of creatures lurking
In the basement which she led me through
Inside and up the lighted stairs avenue

Then out a kitchen to a spacious meadow;
There stood the Cherokee Nation in the grotto.
Amazed, I wondered at the secret gathering.
Around they went with drums and rattles dancing

Circling, shifting, playing out their rhythm
Clapping, rumbling, stirring their notes phantom
Bands with bands about the center moved
Blowing and banging all in order composed

By a great chief taller than all others,
Brawny Red Man. At this point twin brothers
Youths perhaps of ten also in red
Ycleped my name thus stopping all action dead.

I felt the glance of every man there's face
I worried I had violated this place
Attending by some accident this mystery.
And here the chief addressed himself to me:

"The twins have spoken for you with us here.
This is the Thunder Circle have no fear
Of evil beasts this is a place of healing
Ourselves and others by the power of lightning."

-© Copyright Santiago del Dardano Turann

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