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Reflections On The Sarcophagus Lid Of Pacal

Dedicated to David Freidel & Linda Schele

To where did you journey, Pacal, holy lord?
The way to Xibalba in Night's dome is poured
A road long and white to the ancient Waka-Chan
It's roots hold the hearth from which life was begun.

First Father reborn there emerged with the Twins
Who fought the dark lords lured by ball games' loud din.
The trials of the underworld beaten, they died,
The Twins reincarnated burnt their foes' pride.

The Maker with Heart of the Sky and wise snake
The Serpent bright Plumbed all decided to make
A world. They divided the sky and the waters as a frame,
They called from the mist the name 'earth' and it came.

The ceiba was raised in the middle place high
The quadrants of four all the parts of the sky
In cycles renewing the earth and all life
Where time is incarnate in peace and in strife.

From jaws through the crocodile paddles your canoe
Through glittering night of the stars secret queue
At dawn in the zenith he enters the mystery.
Pacal, journey well to the infinite tree.

-© Copyright Santiago del Dardano Turann

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