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Natures Trill Springs Life

Earth begins to thaw
Trees and plants break out of dormancy
Stinging Nettle is Springs early riser
Bumblebees collect flowering pollen
Spreading it through flight
Trill of toads mark the temperature change
and the birth cycle is reborn through spring migration
Web Woman wrapped in veins of trees drinks up the sun along with morning and evening dew, allowing her natural artistic detailing
of every chlorophyll cell plant into various shades of green
Green frogs sound their call as temperatures rise
Water unlocks and moisture fills the air bringing spring showers
Spring winds carrying pollen and dandelion seeds for hundreds of miles
Caterpillars hatch, Butterflies in flight, Bees collecting nectar and
Bears stumble out of their drowsy hibernation
Cranes use the winds to aide their flight for thousands of miles
while sounding their trumpeting call
Morsels mushrooms rise with their spongy caps and the foilage
canopy flourishes to bring cool shade to the creatures of the forest
Insects and bugs dance to springs new life while baby spiders
balloon their way to a new home
All of nature marks spring with celebration of life
giving mother earth it's honor.

-© Copyright Lady Selah' SuJuris of the Ojibwa - 2007

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