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Homage Of The Thunderbird

From a dream of October 19, 2007

The cloudy gray pits hemorrhage light
From pounded dew lain layered over soggy air
Wounded on edges of the night
Whose wheels will bring both turns of joy and terror.

The photons freed clung to a hedge
Divided off a space that none may see
As vision there has reached the edge
Of land before the Ultima Thule's boundary.

The doves within a long bush sang
Some black some white, some gray all to each other.
The sing throughout their colony rang
Before a bust with just the name of 'grandfather.'

The birds' notes rose into a wind,
Then from the void emerged a giant head
With feathers of a glossy blend
So sharp they flashed. The iron beak of dread

Slow rose to droop soft over the bush.
Gently the thunderbird licked the head-sized bust.
In honor fell a breathless hush
Before the lightning eyes wise and august.

-© Copyright Santiago del Dardano Turann

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