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A Trail of Tears

A trail of tears we leave behind
to find a better land we strive
a trail of hunger, a trail of hardship
our journey is long, but our hearts are true
if we stay together we are strong
we once had lands so fertile and lush
but now they're gone
our spirits have not
for our spirits and bows cannot be broken

Our loved ones that come along the way
their spirits walk amongst us now
to give us strength along the way
our feet may be weary, our blankets may be worn
a long and dusty journey ahead
and when our journey is at an end
our tears will no more be shed amongst us

A new beginning, a gift from the earth spirits
a new life is born in honour of us
a fragrant gift to remind us all
for where there was once a trail of tears
a fragrant rose shall thus appear.

-© Copyright 2007 Debra Robertson

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