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Who Am I

A Poem of Inner Feeling

Born in the Inner City
And raised, as everyone else
Paying no attention, to myself
Not knowing who I could be
Not knowing, is the help I need
Who am I

A feel and a kindness to nature's surroundings
This likeness to the wind, plants and creatures that abounds me
The ability to move in and out with no ones awareness
With sharpened thoughts of earth treasures, that could not be bought
Who am I

The gift of vision, that's from the ancestors
My dreams that come, and then come to past
How could two people, have the same dream?
My mother and I did, would you say that was strange?
Who am I

Family talk of difference in our elders
They say that they resemble this, and resemble that
What is a Mulatto?
Why do we have so many?
My mane is not straight; but it's not, NOT
So many colors we have, all in our pot
Carrying at least four traits, of the Lost Tribe
Who am I

Raised as an Afro-American
With a strange red-tone, that is very real
Family names of Native descent
Starkey, Ranto, Coats and McGoin(e)s
Where did these come from, does anyone know
Who am I

I can't shake loose, why an Eagle is like a brother
The love of a Wolf as it hunts for its treasure
The smell of rain, before clouds start to form
The closeness of Mother Earth, from the day I was Born
Who am I

I don't know

-© Copyright Bruce C. Sellers

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