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We Are The People Of Long Ago

Long ago we were a happy people.
Free to roam the Plains and the foot hills.
Our life was simple and good.

"Not like now, all we know is sadness and a Welfare cheque once a month."
Our way of enjoyment back then was to feast and give thanks to our Creator for everything we had.
To celebrate marriages and the visiting of old friends and relatives.
The following of the Great Buffalo herds which gave us everything to live and survive.

But now we drink liquor and hurt ourselves, and others.
We have forgotten how to care!
We have forgotten how to survive!

Back then our children were our future, to carry on our line, our breed of people, for all time.
We loved and cared, and nurtured them, there was never a thing called hitting or violation.
"But our children now of this time and age, suffer with anguish and indignities, their bodies are then left like a piece of rotting carcass.
All because our people are too lost, they are blinded by this world.

Our people were free to roam wherever they wanted to, and enjoy the stars at night, that were in the sky.
To hear the great waters flow, the loon give it's call.

Nowadays, we live on a place called a Reservation.
We cannot go as we once did and we stay in houses, you cannot see the stars in a house.
Despite of all we have went through, we have come a long ways and we will continue as a people, a Nation.
Our people will heal, though it may take a long time.

Nevertheless we are here. And here we will stay because,
We Are The People Of Long ago

-© Copyright Doreen Chavarria

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