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The Cry of The Native American

We were here first
(i-gv-ya o-gi-lu-tsv a-ha-ni)
Maybe the Cherokee cry
But we wanted their land
So they had to die

How could their rights

Have been explained?

The bow and arrow -

Against the gun ordained?

We took their homes -

(Do-ge-nv-sv do-ge-gi-gi-e-lv)

They were mostly dead - when the deeds were done

What was theirs is ours - Yes! we have won

They had to die - we had no choice

Their punishment for owning - our land first

The Indians had been the custodians of the land.

(a-ni-yv-wi-ya o-s-da i-yu-nv-na-de-ga ga-do-hi)

But the cowboy turned the pastures into sand

And buffalo herds - very soon were damned

Sustainability was more the Indians way

a-ni-yv-wi-ya u-nv-sv a-na-li-s-de-li-s-gv.

But luxury to excess was more our "cup of tea"

We brought the Indians smallpox, pollution and T.B.

After two Hundred years we now see our wrongs

And we begin to listen to the Indian Songs

na-quu-no a-nv-da-di-s-do-di-quu i-ga

di-ga-ka-no-gi-s-do-di a-le i-ga-da

da-ni-na-s-da-tli tsu-na-ni-gi-da.

But sadly most of their tribes are gone

Now in the souvenir shops throughout the U.S.A

Indian proverbs are on display

Pictures of Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph

Are sort by tourist looking for proverbs and Indian motifs

Sayings of American Presidents are not bought

But Chief Red Cloud of the Sioux is eagerly sought

Why do we see the wisdom - yet our ancestors couldn't?

Or is it that they could - but wouldn't

The American Indians say

"There is one God looking down on us all"

(sa-quu u-ne-la-nv-hi)

Has the Native American salvation come at last

And will the "Great One" now be just.

Albert Gazeley © 2003

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